Friday, May 31, 2013

Man of Steel for ONE week!

If I would be given a chance to have the power of the "MAN OF STEEL" for one week. I would like to activate it in times of disaster. I dont want to be a hero when a Disaster comes but I want to help any one who is in need in that time. 

In a Typhoon/Flooding
- I will try to evacuate All Victims that are in the flood zone to safe evecuation area.
- I will divert the flood to prevent the flood water from damaging the residential areas and other     
-  I will Blow away the typhoon out of philippines Area of responsibility

In an Earthquake:
- I will Prevent buildings from collapsing.
- I will also prevent electrical post form falling and its lines for breaking.
- I will fix immidiately bridges that are damged by the earthquake.
- I will help clear debris in different areas.
- I will rescue trapped victims.

In a Landslide

- I will prevent the land from sliding to a residential area and put it on a safe place. 
- I will help plant trees in different areas.

I want Philippines to be Disaster Resilient Country. Hope all of us will be aware of this and also safe mother earth. 

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